While listening to human being.

As long as there are human beings on earth, it's still worth saying that we are here in a passage where the spirit needs to wake up to feel the infinite life inside. living with this awareness will let us be able to see beyond what we are used to see.

Waking up to this awareness is the best richness we can achieve in this earth passage.

To reach a deeper consciousness it is necessary to get out of the material and spiritual competition... to stay in these emotions will prevent us from reaching this more advanced state in a conscious way. Seeking the simplicity of the soul is rescuing our inner power... it is living in communion with our true reality.

When we experience our perfect reality, we come into harmony with the universal source that all is and all sees.

Thus, we will be living our deepest awakening within us in the here and now... so to experience this reality in the here and now we must forget what is out there...only then will we discover the universal and dazzling truth that is within us.

Many are in perfect inner peace with their emotional, spiritual and material realizations...but the reality is that this connection I speak of is much deeper than all this.

To begin to have this awareness and to see with the eyes of the soul, you must begin to make a separation between you and your emotions and much more. It's really feeling the bare earth to know yourself...

The important thing is to begin to realize that we are not just this emotional and this needy being... where we often see many manipulating each other to be loved by the limited emotions of the ego... and often acting like a human robot without letting the infinite reality be recognized in the here and now.

You just need to simply be.

Communion with oneself is letting the mind feel the miracle of our existence in the emptiness of consciousness... it is being.

Communion with the universal source without competition. With this awareness we will be able to feel our true reality connected to everything and living in a world without lack and selfishness.

We are spiritual beings and not human beings limited by fear beliefs or out-of-control emotions.

Many live as if they are in a boat of limited and unbalanced emotions with their own desires and manipulations to feel alive.

True spiritual balance begins when we start over from the inner emptiness because it is in this silent emptiness that our divine expression manifests.