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Infinite Invisible Complexity;

Before getting confronted to the invisible, I had the theory that what was on the other side was a simplification of the world we are in now, that everything was simpler in the after life, I was open minded but didn't have any particular belief, I thought that even our soul when leaving this earth was going to be more simplistic, less troubled by all our terrestrial emotions, experiences, and for us to continue in a place where we were not confronted by the complexity of our society and its obligations, routines, divisions and believes.

What I began to see was the opposite, infinite ways of living, places that are much more advanced, with infinite point of views, where people are free to choose how to continue their evolution, everything you could imagine combine with everything you have ever seen, all exists, that also made me wonder about the process of imagination, but that's maybe another subject. Our soul take everything with it, everything stays with us, the emotions of the people we loved, what we went through in our life, our traumas when we didn't learn to get free of them, that's why it is very important to learn to find distance here, to found what is real freedom, to found ourselves. It is a chance to be here and learn how to find simple answers, as those answers are sacred, and I began to learn how tremendous powers those answers brings to ourselves and how they impact our lives here, but also have the ability to change the spiritual world when we understand them and apply them.

We don't need to do anything to change a lot of things, that's one of the information the spiritual world want us to understand, the changes we have the power to create in us can change this world, and the spiritual world, everything is connected, that's why you will notice that spiritual people are vegetarians or vegans, because anything that creates pain, any soul that is in pain, has the same importance than my pain. The spiritual world doesn't dissociate which soul suffers, we all have the same importance and regards as we are all connected to the divine.

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