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Who are you ?

Who are you ? When a question like that is asked people tend to think, "many things, I am a mother/father, a wife/husband, I am funny, curious … I love my job that is part of me, my roots are part of me, what I lived in my life made me who I am". I often hear, "to know where you are going you have to know where you come from", you can go out of your life path, to be free to go on any.

Looking at your past you can do more than accept your experiences and transform them to something positive, there is a step beyond, a letting go, to find something deeper inside you. Getting stuck with the emotional past is a barriers to understand the answer of who you are.

The way we define ourselves are in fact boundaries to found who we really are. We are put in a box at a young age by our surrounding and ourselves, it is easier to look at what is around us, by our past and decide, "my culture/education/habits are part of me, it is me, this is how I should behave to be me, if I don't I will get lost and be nothing", for many people simply changing a career is changing who they are, for others moving on from the past is forgetting who they are, as most believe we should be the roots of our family and genetics.

I see people in that quest of family history, people who got adopted trying to find their real parents, if only those orphans would know that everybody feel lost, everybody is in that quest of who they are, but trying to find that answer according to our personal life stories is not the path to take, as that answer is not liked to our genetics, and parents, that's what's beautiful. We are free that to take a path, to make a choice that is not connected to anything we knew, not connected to anything we think we are.

The more you will free yourself from what was put in your mind at a young age and by you, about what is suppose to be you, the more you will enjoy everything that is far, close, new, and simply everything that is, as everything that is will be looked at what they really are, and not the idea you made yourself of it, and what you are is the same thing.

Don't be concern, when you remove education, culture, language, character, experience … you are not left with nothing, something stays, and that is you.

When you will accept to not define yourself with any precise ideas or words, you will have found the path to you. When you try to articulate the logic and mind who you are, then you already lost the real feeling of yourself, which cannot be describe with words.

If you are wondering how to follow the path of finding yourself, it is easy, you simply need to remove your concerns that those details about you are important, that people won't know who you are anymore, and when you would have finding yourself, you also would have found freedom.

🦋 🦋

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